UAPL Proficiency Check
Multi-rotor less than 7kg

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Proficiency Check Description



In this Proficiency Check, candidate is required to perform flight proficiency according to CAAS standard and it will be assessed by Authorised Flight Examiner AFE (UA) on Class A Rotorcraft Limited to Multi-rotor up to 7kg only.


Course Outcome



 Class A (Rotorcraft) UAPL limited to multi-rotor up to 7kg only



Course Code: 


Course Fee:

S$ 199

 Proficiency Check:

1 hr/attempt
(Unlimited Attempts)


Location & Timing

Practical Assessment

9:00 AM – 6:00PM

Field beside Bendemeer MRT Exit A/
Field along Old Holland Road/
Field along Kampong Bugis Road/

Course Contents


Learning Objective:
Learners will be able to demonstrate how to confidently operate RC Helicopter.

The 6 full days and 1 half day practical training comprises of the following 7 modules below:

Module Topic
1 General Knowledge of UAS
2 UAS Assembly and Pre-flight Inspection
3 Precision Hovering in GPS and Non-GPS
4 Precision Hovering in Different Orientation
5 Level Square Circuit with Changing Orientation
6 Precision Landing
7 UAS Post-flight Inspection



The proficiency check will only be conducted once the participant have Unmanned Aircraft Pilot Licence (UAPL).


Candidates are required to bring the followings:

 Original NRIC/FIN/Passport or Singpass

 Theory Test Result


The proficiency check is unlimited attempts. Learner will be required to attend a 4 hours refresher practical training after every 2 attempts for proficiency check.






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